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How do I add a bio or photo to my profile on the w...
Peter Strand

How do I add a bio or photo to my profile on the website?

Go to the website and make sure you are logged on.

Directly below the "Welcome",click on "Profile".

Under Personal Info, click "Standard Membership Directory"

The first drop down box is titled Visibility, you will want to have one of the options that will show some info,or all of it, or at least something that includes your bio if you are going to take the time to make a bio.

Then you can type something about you in the box, if you like.  If you like you can compose it, do it in a word processing document, and then cut and paste it in.  Apparently, the website shuts down after 20 minutes if you're not done.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page.  Here's where you can add one photo that is already on your own computer. Click

"browse", and a"choose file" box will appear. Then choose whatever photo you want from your own files. Click OPEN.

Don't forget to click "SAVE"at the bottom.

Close the window, and the next time you sign on, the photo should be there.
If you have trouble, please contact us.  

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