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Support Elk Creek Lake project
Kathy O'Leary

Hello paddlers!

Our club paddles Little Elk Creek Lake at the beginning of each season. It is a pretty little lake just west of Eau Claire with a resident eagle and a clear cold trout stream (Elk Creek) flowing into it.

"The Elk Creek Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District has received a grant for a rip rap project to help address the erosion across the street from our beach. The Lake District is holding a fundraiser to assist in the grantee portion of the funding. Your donation will help protect our lake for years to come!"

PWP is donating $100 towards their project.

They are also offering a couple cool t-shirts. Take a look at the attached flyer -- maybe you want to help them out and get yourself a new shirt.

Hope your summer is going well and you are getting out on the water!


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