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PWP Gear Swap
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Remember to dig out your outdoor gear for the PWP Gear Swap this Sunday at the pavilion at Lake Altoona Beach. Please price it with your name/initials on the stickers.

Drop off at 10am Sunday. Parking passes will be available if you are staying.

Potluck throughout the day — please bring something to share. (Finger food friendly).

Hope you can make it!!

Hi all,

Just a reminder that now's the time to weed through your sport gear and pull out the things you're no longer using. Bring them to the gear swap on Sunday where they can find a new home (see Kathy's instructions in earlier post). You may also find some new treasures for yourself!

Please register if you're planning to sell stuff. Registration is not required, but it would be good to have a sense of how many people will be participating. And stick around for the pot luck finger food and boat demo!

We hope to see you on Sunday! Mary Lynn


Our club is having a Gear Swap on Sunday June 11, 10am-2pm at the pavilion between the Lake Altoona Beach and the Boat Landing. It will be a success if lots of people bring gear to sell, an lots of people show up to buy gear. :)

The sale will be for paid members only until noon. Then we will open it up to others (like facebook members) until 2pm.

So, dig through your outdoor gear such as paddling, camping, biking, skiing and such.

Bring your outdoor gear to the pavilion at 10am. Please pre-price items with your name or initials on each tag. Also bring a list of what you are selling with the prices in case tags come off.

Email me with items you plan to sell and I will compile a list to post of what is going to be offered for those who plan to buy.

You are welcome to stay at the sale or leave your gear until the end of the sale. Please plan to be back before the sale ends to pick up any unsold items and your cash.

Contact me with questions via email.

Thanks and see you at the Swap!


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