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2 Current Design Breeze Kayaks
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2 Current Design Breeze Kayaks. White is $700 (with rudder) Yellow is $500

Purchased new at Riverside. Kept them in the garage. They have been used on Lake Superior, Lakes Wissota and Altoona, etc. Rivers. Anywhere there was water. I took mine down the Namakagon River. Fun!!!

They are in excellent condition, a little wear and tear of course from a few small rocks. But they are sound. Floatation ballasts work fine.

A very versatile day tripping kayak. The up-swept bow and fish form allow this small kayak to handle rough conditions with ease, while remaining nimble on flat water. The Breeze fits a broad size range of paddlers, is very stable and extremely user friendly. It comes with a secured buoyancy bag in the bow that gives the boat proper flotation. The white one has a rudder.

Overall Length: 13' 6"

Width: 25"

Depth: 14"

Cockpit Size:

Length: 34.50"

Width: 18"

Maximum Load: 350 lbs.

Polyethylene - 52 lbs.

USA MSRP $1,099

Kathy Jorgensen


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