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I have tried to renew my membership several times now on the website. From my phone, from my tablet, from my PC. This is just an FYI that "join" appears on the menu bar when you first open Pure Water Paddlers home page. At that point you can select and be taken to the membership page to join. There is a message requesting you log in to renew your membership, with a lovely link to do so, which I have done. After logging in the "join" which had been at the end of the menu bar is gone. There is no way to go back, and there is no way to renew. I also tried to join as a new member without logging in, which should be fine since I will now be joining a family membership. But unfortunately, it recognizes me as an established member, and I cannot proceed. Just to be sure it isn't a browser related problem, I closed Chrome and repeated all these steps using Microsoft Edge. No difference. No improvement. No success.

Hope this helps fine tune things a little. I do wish to renew with a family membership. Am I missing some basic step?
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