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Aquatic Invasive Species Strategic Plan for Lower ...
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Emily Lind from Citizen Science Center at Beaver Creek Reserve is looking for some PWP member(s) to join a committee to create an Aquatic Invasive Species Strategic Plan for Lower Chippewa River.

If you are interested fill out the doodle poll she has listed or notify Emily at 715-877-2212.

A little more detail...

This stakeholder group is made up of folks from WDNR, County Conservation organizations, UWEC, Red Cedar Basin Monitoring Group, Beaver Creek Reserve, Lake Wissota Improvement and Protection Association, Lower Chippewa River Alliance, sportsmans groups and hopefully more to come.

The goal is to create a working document that outlines the strategies that need to be taken to combat aquatic invasive species in the Lower Chippewa River (from Lake Wissota's Dam to the Mississippi River). The important parts of the document include 3 main overarching goals, with strategies and actions to accomplish those goals.

The reason I am reaching out to the Pure Water Paddlers is because your group is very active, has helped out with the Lower Chippewa River Conference, and your group has bodies on the water, canoeing and kayaking regularly. This is important because you're the perfect group to receive training on how to identify invasive species so that if you encounter anything while paddling you can report it to the right people. The sooner new infestations are found, the more likely control methods can be implemented to eradicate or reduce any spread.

Being a part of this committee would entail attending approximately monthly meetings until the end of June, reviewing drafts as they are sent out, and helping to think of ways we can better protect the river from invasive species.

I think ultimately I would like to know if the PWP is interested in getting involved, or would be interested in learning more about Aquatic invasive species and possibly participating in training sessions, or committing to surveying a particular stretch of the Lower Chippewa River every year, to every couple of years (those details are still TBD). If so, it would be awesome to have a committee member attend our meetings and be a part of the planning process so we know to what extend PWP wants to be involved.

Please feel free to let your members know they can contact me if they have any questions, or email me to let me know if they are interested. I plan to have the next meeting in mid January. I have a doodle survey out to schedule the meeting. The link is below. Anyone can fill it out for the date and time they are available if they would like to participate.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Emily Lind
Citizen Science Technician
Citizen Science Center, Beaver Creek Reserve
S1 County Road K
Fall Creek, WI 54742
(715) 877-2212
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